Things to You Need to Know About Sandblasting

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The process of sanding a surface of a material to eliminate foreign materials or rough edges is called sandblasting. Sandblasting Jacksonville, FL makes sanding a lot simpler because it is driven by pressure and reaches easily areas that are hard to sand, such as crannies and nooks. The “blasting” is completed by utilizing air that is compressed to blow sand via a nozzle for a clean and smooth finish. You could utilize abrasive materials instead of sand to prepare the surface for refinishing, staining, or repainting. This greatly depends on what project you are doing. 


Materials that could be sandblasted 


Oftentimes, wood will have some paint layers. Eventually some of those paint layers will peel. Gazebos, picnic tables, porch swings are stuff that you might think about having sandblasted.  


Owners of commercial building might wish to eliminate parking lines and reconfigure the parking lot. Thus, they would utilize sandblasting to remove the old parking lines for a smooth surface to work with. In addition to that, a homeowner might sandblast their driveways to eliminate oil spills or paint. 

Cast Iron 

You might wish to sandblast a cast iron railing to eliminate chipping and peeling paint if it has been painted. You could also sandblast other cast iron materials that have details.  


To create a new and clean look to your dirty or painted bricks, you could utilize sandblasting. 


Before you paint it, sandblasting could get rid of the rust on your car.  

Costs for Sandblasting 

Sandblasting could be done on a lot of materials and is preferred if there are no hand-held sanders or sandpaper that could help the job. Whenever hand-held sanders or sandpaper aren’t appropriate for the job, you could use sandblasting. Sandblasting could save you the demanding physical labor of reaching, squatting, sitting, and bending. It could also help you check this save your time from strenuous work.  

You might want to call an expert if ever you have never used a sandblaster before. If proper measures are not followed or taken, utilizing a sandblaster without knowledge or experience can possible result in injuries. In addition to all of these, remember these things: 

  • Several states might need a permit for sandblasting. Therefore, you should assess first your local requirements before starting your project. The professionals might get the permit for you if ever you will hire one.  
  • Even though it rarely occurs, during the process of sandblasting, accidental damages can happen to your neighboring property or even your own property. Thus, consider beforehand the costs that might apply whenever an accident happens. 
  • To sandblast an exterior surface, the average cost runs around $650 up to $1,100. Of course, the average cost varies on the type of blast used and the square foot of the area. 
  • The cost of a simple brush blast runs around $1.30 up to $2.5 per square foot. 
  • The cost of a light blast runs around $2.20 up to $4.4 per square foot. 
  • The cost of a medium blast runs around $4.5 up to $7. 
  • The cost of a heavy blast runs around $8 or more.  
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