Steam vs. Chemical Carpet Cleaning  

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The absolute way to clean a carpet is an on-going debate as of now, and it’s between a steam cleaning or a chemical cleaning. There are many critics and proponents each method has and the only way for you is to study these types of methods in carpet cleaning and the things they are offering in order for you to make the right choice on what to go in cleaning your carpet.   

Steam cleaning also known as deep cleaning is the only method in carpet cleaning that is known to eliminate 97% of bacteria and dirt from carpeting. This method is the only way you can reach in cleaning to its lowest layer of your carpet to clean it thoroughly making it the best method in dealing with dirt and soil or difficult stains.   


The ability to make a deep clean is just one of the considerations when it comes to cleaning of your carpet. And since steam cleaning utilizes a water that is heated to a high temperature, it can actually take long before the carpet to dry after the treatment. Depending on the thickness of the carpet and how good your cleaner’s extraction system, it can take 4 hours up to a day to make it completely dry. In some cases, some carpets are still damp even the next day. If you need your room more quickly, then you might consider using other way of carpet cleaning.   


In chemical cleaning, as the name suggests that it uses chemical solution in removing stains and dirt from your carpet. Some of the solutions are being called “dry” shampoos but in fact, they’re not totally dry but that they use much lesser water than steam cleaning which means it dries faster as it uses less moisture to disappear once the cleaning is done.   

While in steam cleaning, you don’t only consider the drying time to take effect in carpet cleaning. Only the top layers are cleaned when using chemical solutions making it ineffective in treating deep stains and there is also a possibility that some residue will be left behind in your carpet which may cause a health risk to you or your family when exposed with these chemicals. It is important that you completely understand what chemicals they will use.     

If you are concerned about these chemical exposures, then you might consider steam cleaning to be a better option.  

Your carpet in your home or office can make a strong impression so make sure to keep it clean.   

The method you may choose will depend on your particular concerns and needs for different views can be made to two sides, Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth and chemical solution. Another factor you will need to consider is the cost of the cleaning method. Maybe you could find ideas about both methods for further references and ask people you know that uses both methods of cleaning and find out the pros and cons of each. Maybe it will help you to decide on what you think is best for you.  

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